Debt Relief:
Bankruptcy, Reorganization,
and Recovery

Whether you're a homeowner facing foreclosure, a consumer avoiding collection calls, or a business owner staring into the abyss, there is always a way forward. Usually the way is less expensive and painful than you think. But even if it's complicated and expensive, it's a lot easier when you have help. That's what I do: I help smart, talented people solve really hard problems. When the problem has to do with debt, the solutions can include:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: a straight liquidation of nonexempt assets resulting in a discharge of unsecured debts.

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: reorganization of an individual's debts, which can often include small business debt. A lot can be done through a 3 or 5-year payment plan.

  • Chapter 12 bankruptcy: like Chapter 13, but more flexible, and exclusively for family farmers and fishermen.

  • Loan/mortgage modification, and other non-bankruptcy workouts.

Small Business Legal Services

You build your company, serve your clients, and make stuff. I'll handle the paperwork, keep you on the right side of the law, and help you avoid costly mistakes. I'm also the guy you call if you run into trouble. Whether you subscribe to a monthly retainer plan, or just call me when you need me, I'll help you:

  • Business entities: Form and maintain corporations, LLCs, and other business entities.

  • Brand and IP protection: Protect your brand and intellectual property through trademark and copyright registration, nondisclosure agreements, and other legal strategies.

  • Contracts, leases, etc.: Review and prepare contracts, leases, policies, and other legally significant documents.

  • Financing: Raise money through debt or equity financing.

  • Employees, contractors, partners. Hiring, managing, and firing employees, contractors, advisors, and partners, including compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Legal Planning for
Families and Businesses

Life is unpredictable. Let's nail down the important stuff while we can. Not merely who gets your stuff when you die (though that can be important), but who takes care of your minor kids if calamity strikes, and how will they be supported? What happens to your business, your client or patient files, your employees, etc.? Does your business continue or shut down? Who will make decisions for you if you die or become disabled, whether business decisions, financial decisions, or decisions about your health and health care? These are hard questions to grapple with in the abstract, but easy enough to walk through together and get something down on paper. Items in this category include:

  • Wills: preparation, administration, storage.

  • Powers of attorney: general, financial, parent/guardian, health care, tax, and other special-use appointments and powers.

  • Trusts: preparation and administration.

  • Business succession planning and documentation.

  • Family and jointly-held assets: Advice, documentation, and transactions regarding ownership and management of family/jointly held assets.

  • Pre/post-nuptial agreements